The mission of the Eisenhower Middle School Library is to provide students access to information and resources, and to teach them to think, plan, question, search, organize, analyze, create, respond, and share knowledge.

At all grade levels, the school librarian helps students grow as individuals by fostering a love of reading and learning and teaches students the critical thinking, technology, and literacy skills to ask good questions and investigate the answers. The librarian offers equitable access to resources and technology and helps students make sense of the information they find so they can develop new understandings.

The school librarian helps students develop information skills so that after graduation they can enter the workforce or go to college armed with the skills of learning and inquiry that they will need to be successful. These skills are built through library instruction and are aligned to the AASL National School Library Standards. The librarian collaborates in designing curricula, developing learning experiences, and providing technical infrastructure for all classrooms, including differentiated instruction, special programs, gifted students, and students with special needs.