Citations and Research

Knight Cite Citation Maker   

Creating a Works Cited Page

A  “Works Cited” page is what the MLA writing guide calls a bibliography.  It lists all the sources used to create your paper.   

Setting Up Your Works Cited Page

1. It is always the last page of your essay/report/presentation.

    Your last name and the page # go against the margin in the top right corner ½” 

    down from the top.

    Type “Works Cited” and center it 1” down from the top of the page.

2. Double space all lines on the page.  

    No extra spaces between citations 

3. Each citation is like one long sentence. 

4. On a single citation, indent 5 spaces for the second and subsequent lines

5. List citations alphabetically by the first word of the entry.  

    This first word or name should be what you use in your parenthetical citation.

Layout Guide with Examples: 

Carter 4

Works Cited

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